Bioengineering Identity Launch
11 January 2016
Over the past year we’ve been working on a new visual identity for Bioengineering AG who manufacture equipment and design plants for the bioresearch and engineering industries.

This week we travelled to Bio’s headquarters in Wald, just outside Zurich, to present the results to their entire workforce. We did so by manually assembling the logo’s forms (specially created at large-scale for the occasion in powder-coated, magnetised aluminium) and naturally dressed appropriately in overalls!

Our idea is that the logo continually reconfigures (reengineers) itself from a set of visual components so Bio also invited an employee to build their own on the day. This worked so well they're asking staff to do this regularly over the next year and, after acting as a judging panel, we’ll add the best ones to the growing set of usable logos.

We’ll be uploading the whole project very soon so keep an eye on our work pages for more…