London Design Festival 2017
8 September 2017
We have collaborated with New Delhi based design studio Ishan Khosla Design to create Visual Gradient.

The concept is simple: What happens when the minimalist and the ornate collide?

Globalisation has, in many cases, diluted traditional identity and craft traditions. But what happens when two studios from entirely different cultures consciously 'collide'?

We have created two posters that represent a visual gradient – both transision from minimal to ornate. The creative process is inspired by the children's game where in which a drawing is built up in stages, with each individual stage remaining unseen until the composite image is revealed in full once complete. The posters travelled between London and New Delhi a few times as each stage.

For our panels we have been playing with simplicity, complexity and abstraction — whilst relying on the fundamental elements of graphic form. We approached the planning of our part of the poster in a logical way. Working from minimal to ornate we have added one element at a time to form a gradient: first shape, then structure, then black and lastly colour.

The resulting posters are currently exhibited at the BOLD exhibition at London Design Festival, curated by Create Culture.