Central Saint Martins
19 May 2015
Following on from last year's collaboration with students at Kingston's Design School, Mireille joined Bubu's Hans Burkhardt in challenging Foundation Fine Art students at CSM to reinvent the book-as-object for the 21st century.

After experiencing and considering the group's works with Adrian Scrivener, Foundation Curriculum Leader in Fine Arts, Mireille and Hans selected Ruben Green and Tom Hardwick Allan as the joint-winners who'll visit Bubu's factory in Zurich later this year to see their proposals realised. Ruben 'amplified the ordinary sounds of a book in whimsical and somewhat magical way' while Tom created a 'book nosed neutral mask' for 'benchless newspaper detectives' and other acts of peek-a-boo.

The eight participating students were Anais Comer, Ambar Quijano, Sima Mehhovits, Ruben Green, Chloe McCallum, Tom Hardwick Allan, Ewina Zhao and Nicolas Canal Tinius.