Oslo Architecture Triennale
9 October 2019
We recently attended the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale. Our friends and collaborators Londonon participated with a submission entitled ‘Degrowth Degustation’.

This used onion soup as a metaphor to explore sustainable systems for production, transportation, preparation, consumption and waste. Discarded onions were collected from a local food market to prepare both soup for 50 hungry architects, onion skin bowls and organic dye for a 'narrative tablecloth' installation.

We were excited to experience this piece firsthand and see the project journal and ‘growable’ handouts we designed with
Londonon for the event in the hands of visitors. In keeping with the installation we printed the journal itself on paper made from food waste residue and created the cover from the same onion skin dyed fabric. The handout invited Triennale attendees to make their own onion soup while considering wider degrowth themes. These were printed on onion seed paper to help visitors create their own ingredients locally at home. We’ve even been growing our own in the BOB studio…