Erika Streit Spiegelungen — Curating a printed collection of Erika Streit’s ‘reflections’.
We were asked by publisher “Drei Punkt Verlag” with curating and designing a book charting Swiss artist Erika Streit’s body of “Spiegelungen” (mirroring) work. This concentrates on reflections and interpretations of the self and took the form of etchings — a method of printing Streit learned during her studies at the Kungstgewerbeschule in Zurich in the 1960’s. The book needed to capture both the outputs and processes of the artist in this phase of her practice.
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The book takes the differently sized printing plates used by Streit and uses them as a visual motif. The cover is a collection of these shapes, layered and printed in gradients to echo the pressure between metal and paper involved in her process. Each chapter opens with one of these cover plates and then on subsequent pages the positioning of captions and titles on left-hand spread pages mirror exactly the scale and positioning of artworks on right-hand spread pages. An appendix includes a facsimile of Streit’s journal pages, further revealing her process and methodology.