Shedding Light
“Drei Punkt Verlag” is an in-house book publisher at Bioengineering, a Swiss company designing and manufacturing plants and components for the pharmaceutical industry.
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The ongoing objective is to publish titles which span art and science. “Shedding Light” aims to combine photographic forms found in their man-made production halls/machinery with a collection of natural landscapes — all shot by their Chief Technical Officer Paulo Sarti. We were tasked with curation, written editorial and design.

We decided light behaviours bond the artistic and the technical so ranged all photographs from light — dark (by measuring ink density). We then accompanied this visual gradient with 5 poems describing the physics of a human eye adapting from bright light to total darkness. The colouring, type weights and cover photography all reinforce our visual gradient from front to back of the book while materials and finishing balance the hi-tech and the natural (silver edge printing and crepe end papers).