Château Tour Blanc
We have designed new labels for a range of organic white wines made by Château Tour Blanc.
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Château Tour Blanc sits between Bordeaux and Toulouse where they tend Ugni Blanc vines organically. The vineyards are based on the principles of permaculture to create a diverse and varied ecosystem. The vines are also enriched by the presence of their flock of Clun Forest sheep that graze between rows five months of the year. They sustain the life of the soil, mow the lawn and give back through their droppings to enhance the life and biodiversity of the soil.
There are six cuvées of wine which are produced in different plots of land around the château. Our labels feature the flock of sheep as the heroes of the vineyards, in arrangements that respond to the unique properties of each cuvée.

To reflect the elegance and simplicity of the wines, we adopted a minimal approach to designing each label. Simply black ink on a white cotton paper was used, white representing the purity and precision of the wine’s flavours and the white wool of the resident sheep.