Curl la Tourelle Head
Curl la Tourelle Head are architects dedicated to progressive and sustainable practice. We created a new website and set of sector brochures to communicate both the conscientiousness and joy in their works.
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The concept for each is founded on five practice manifestos, identified and articulated through a series of creative workshops together: ‘empathise and engage’, ‘we love constraints’, ‘passive future’, ‘social detail’ and ‘concrete in our boots’.

Our website design presents the manifestos to visitors upon arrival — as headlines which introduce the heart of the practice. We set these core statements within vibrantly coloured stripes which then collapse to an ever-present rainbow motif at the head of each page within the site. This signals the link between beliefs and works but also functions as a colour-coding system for all content. Project titles, captions and even sections of diagrams and imagery are coloured to refer directly to specific manifestos. We celebrate the individual voices of the practice through heading each sector page with personal statements of motivation from the team. We define a collective practice voice though the typeface New Rail, a revival of the 1965 British Rail alphabet designed for public sector service.

Our set of brochure designs follow the same founding manifestos and vibrant, joyful approach to colour. Covers use imagery that incorporates the entire CLTH ‘rainbow’ while five bookmarks interleave the manifesto headlines throughout the entire publications. We continue to use colour-coding to relate text and imagery to specific manifestos while expanded extracts of team interviews celebrate the diversity of the practice.

Website development by Official Business
Brochure written and edited by Emma Keyte
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