The Design School — Documenting design education’s creativity and impacts.
The Design School at Kingston University is a community of 1200 students and staff set within 140 years of art school culture and state-of-the-art approaches to teaching, learning, research and practice. Despite frequently being ranked in the top three creative universities in the UK it has never, until now, framed and articulated its significant creative, societal, academic and commercial impacts to external audiences.
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Working closely with the School’s community we curated a set of twelve stories, each of which described a collaboration between a School creative (students, staff or recent alumni) and one of the School’s external partners, (the V&A, NASA and the Women’s Insitute being just three examples).

We called this collection ‘Both Sides’ because we interviewed both parties and then presented their viewpoints together — on how their collaboration originated, progressed and impacted. The result is twelve books, each of which can be read in one of two ways by starting from either cover. These are collated within a slipcase which itself has two title faces — a clear communication that it is balance the School offers; between creativity and real world relevance.

Our role was a mix of the strategic, curatorial and creative. We designed and facilitated a School workshop in central London, contributed to the editorial selection of content, assembled a team of creatives and production companies (all of whom had an existing relationship with the School as staff, partners or alumni and are listed below), created the editorial structure, the graphic design scheme and the 3D design of the book as object.