SPPARC is a London based architecture studio with an eclectic oeuvre.

We created a new visual identity around the brand idea of ‘eclectic order’. The refreshed identity brings the practice's distinct architectural works together like a pop-art collage—an assemblage of iconic forms and distinct stories.
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Visually, we draw upon the colourful, graphic motifs of pop art. The buildings are introduced through graphic icons inspired by their signature forms. On the website, these icons sit in a grid, ordered as an index to browse through yet visually inspiring and diverse as an overall body. Using bold, colourful icons differentiates SPPARC within the architectural industry.

Editorially, we introduce each work as a story, capitalising on the engaging names and natures of the projects; Butterfly; Music Box; Candle Factory. We tell these stories in a storybook style, using a chapter structure. Storybook-style descriptions open up SPPARC’s approach to audiences beyond the architectural industry.

Beatrice typeface by Sharp Type
Website built by Neal Fletcher
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